What is Thatch and why should I Thatch a lawn?

Thatching is very hard on your lawn, but given the right circumstance sometimes it is necessary. Thatching typically requires running a thatching machine over the lawn which in turn requires reseeding with fresh topsoil and a compost covering.

Right underneath your grass but right above the line of the soil, there is a layer of dead/dormant grass seed. This tightly woven patchwork is known as thatch, and it is a natural part of your lawn. But when thatch becomes too thick, it can prevent the new, growing grass from finding the water and nutrients it needs. Removing the thatch level allows your existing grass to rebound and thicken in over time.

How Does Lawn Dethatching Work?

Lawn dethatching can be done manually or with a power de-thatcher at Woehler Landscaping LLC we do it with a powered machine. The dethatching equipment pulls up the thatch and deposits it on top of your lawn. The thatch then will be cleared away to allow the new grass to breathe.

Important Points to Remember About Lawn Dethatching

A few important points to keep in mind while thatching:

  • Never dethatch a lawn when the soil is wet
  • Always dethatch during cooler weather, never in the heat of the summer
  • Plan on performing several treatments before your lawn is dethatched sufficiently
  • Lawn dethatching is not a routine job! Do it only when needed. It is very hard on the existing turf

Finally, keep up a regular schedule of aerating and spreading lime, if necessary, to keep your lawn looking beautiful long after the dethatching has done its work. Aeration is one of if not the most important thing to do to your lawn at least once per season.

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