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Woehler Landscaping, LLC is a licensed applicator in the state of Pennsylvania. #BU11249

Early Spring Application

This application will set the tone for the season. A liquid based application will be applied that will promote spring green up and recovery from winter stress. Included is preventative crabgrass control to protect the lawn from crabgrass. Spot treatment for weed control will be applied at this time as needed. Finally a high nitrogen fertilizer and iron will be also be mixed on this application for very "green results".


This application is applied to provide a balanced fertilizer to promote color, thickness, and overall good health of the lawn. Broadleaf weed control will also be applied at this time, with another shot of Iron for very "green results" This is a liquid application as well.

Early Summer

Summer can stress your lawn. Proper watering techniques are now required unless a sprinkler system is in use. Cool season turf will only thrive at temperatures from 55-75 degrees Fahrenheit. On very hot and humid portions of the summer 1-1/2 inches of water per day are required on your lawn to prevent severe heat damage. At this time a granular fertilizer is applied along with a grub control application. This application is mandatory to be watered into the lawn, otherwise the chemical in the grub control will not activate.


During the harsh summer months your lawn still need to be fed to help it fight drought, disease, and insect stresses. Proper watering is required as well, but this granular application will help you get to fall in good shape. Spot treatments of weed control will be applied were needed.

Late Summer

During colder weather your lawn will need a balanced feeding to recover the stress of summer. This treatment is designed to encourage recovery and green up your lawn. This is a granular application.


It is recommended that lime be applied in the fall to enable the material to break down over the winter for the next season's growth. Lime begins to react immediately and reduces acidity and improves turf growth through the summer and fall. This is also a granular application – this is also an excellent time to aerate and overseed your lawn for the year (check out our Aeration service).

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