Retaining Walls

When you say retaining walls most people think of the block that you buy from the large retail hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes. That block however, more of a decorative block, does not really do much as far as retention. There are several different types of retaining wall systems that are on the market today. Woehler Landscaping LLC will have an initial consultation with the homeowner to discuss in detail the best possible block for your specific job. Some of the most popular block we use are, Unilock, Versa-lok, and Keystone. Each has a different purpose, style, design, and color.

You would typically use this type of block to create a formal look, especially if other hardscaping materials are used within your landscape such as pavers, or boulders. You could also use this type of material if you want a more formal look. This type of retaining wall system can complement the rest of your landscape.

The most important part of constructing the retaining wall is the base. The base (footer) will need to be compacted properly with different materials such as crushed limestone. Once the base is properly installed the actual retaining wall system can be implemented. If the base is not done properly, over time the wall will shift and could lean and eventually fall. The most expensive retaining wall is the wall you will need to do twice!

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