Woehler Landscaping Blows……MULCH! A lot of it!

Do you have hard to reach places that need mulched, or are you just tired of doing it yourself? Here at Woehler Landscaping LLC we own and operate a FINN BB302 Bark blower. We can apply any type of natural or dyed colored mulch within a 200ft radius from the machine.

Mulch Blowing by Woehler Landscaping

Not only will this machine apply mulch, but we can also do playground chips or compost.

We can mulch up to 10-12 yards per hour and use 20-40% less material. This machine will put mulch down faster and more consistent then you ever could with a rake. 80 yards of mulch can be installed typically in 1 work day. The mulch is propelled through a specially engineered airlock and blower system through various lengths of durable 4" flexible hose. A remote control allows the operator to control power and material flow from an operating distance.

We typically have 200+ yards of mulch on site at any given time.

Whether you have a small residential job or a very large commercial job give us a call and be amazed.